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The Emerald Brooch

Book 4, Celtic Brooch Series

The Emerald Brooch

Not all is as it seems in this World War II time travel romantic suspense. Whose heart will be broken? Whose life will be at risk? Whose resolve will be tested beyond its limits?

From the bombed-out streets of London to the huts at Bletchley Park and the beaches of Normandy, this high-stakes story will keep you enthralled, awake into the wee hours, and racing toward the end only to wish it had never arrived.

West Point graduate Kenzie Wallis-Manning had intended to make the Army her career, but after being wounded during her second tour of duty in Afghanistan, she resigns her military commission and enrolls in law school. While studying in England, she receives a package containing an antique, emerald, Celtic brooch. After speaking the magical words engraved on the stone, she is whisked back in time to 1944.

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