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Youmight be wondering who is standing behind the curtain, typing away on a laptop. Well, that’s me. Mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, niece, cousin, friend, former paralegal, widow, writer, and marathoner. It’s the writer/runner part that consumes most of my day.

I attended college in New Jersey, where I earned a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. The psychology degree comes in handy when I start a new book and create complicated characters. After attending the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Training, I returned to Central Kentucky and worked as a real estate and tax paralegal.

It wasn’t until my two daughters left for college that I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an author. But what did I want to write? A romance for sure. But what kind?  I’ve always been fascinated by the time travel aspect in stories like The Time Machine, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, A Christmas Carol, and of course, Somewhere in Time. And growing up, I never missed Perry Mason on Saturday night. So I immediately settled on a time travel novel with a mystery. But the story had to be more than that. As a student of history and an avid reader of James Michener and Louis L’Amour I wanted rich and evocative settings filled with historical detail. Combine those influences with my early experience working in the medical field, and the plot for The Ruby Brooch was born.

Along with fifty thousand other runners, I ran the New York City Marathon in November and will soon start training to run it again this year. To read about my life as a writer/runner, check out this article in Runner’s World Magazine.

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