The Amber Brooch

The Amber Brooch

Book 8: Celtic Brooch Series

Spring 2018, the saga of the brooches continues…

Amber Kelly, mining lawyer and amateur paleontologist, disappears while staying in the log cabin at her family’s nineteenth century silver mine near Leadville, Colorado. The only clues to her disappearance are a puzzle box and a broken piece from a hundred-year-old Scottish loom.

In the past, David McBain could always be counted on to solve a mystery, but not this time. It’s his wife Kenzie who puts the pieces together, when she realizes the box is a perfect match for the one she received years ago—a box containing a magical emerald brooch. Had this puzzle box contained a brooch, too, and has Amber gone back in time? If so, where and when?

Olivia Kelly, real estate broker and former litigator, is determined to go back and find her younger sister, Amber, even if it’s to the Jurassic Period. Connor O’Grady is already on board for the adventure…but will anyone else go with them?

The MacKlenna Clan is burned out from past adventures, and no one else volunteers until Olivia and Kenzie come face-to-face. The connection between them draws Kenzie into the past once again, to repay a debt of honor.

After a contentious MacKlenna Corporation conference, a rescue team is formed: Connor and Shane O’Grady, David and Kenzie McBain, and Olivia Kelly. But questions remain…

Has Amber’s lifelong passion for the study of dinosaurs taken her back millions of years? Or is it possible she’s gone back to a time a wee bit closer—a nineteenth century Colorado railroad war—a curious passion of the Kelly girls’ father, and a case they both studied in law school.

But Shane and Connor O’Grady, former NYPD detectives, have concerns. Can they survive the self-reliant Kelly sisters’ tendency to find trouble long before trouble finds them? And will the brothers’ hearts be able to resist the sashaying hips, legal prowess, and flirtatious glances of two beautiful women long enough to get them all home safely—and preferably before the sisters change the future of paleontology and the outcome of a sensational legal battle?