The Diamond Brooch

The Diamond Brooch Book Cover

Book 7 (Summer 2017): Celtic Brooch Series

Breaking News:  ESPN’s first and only female baseball analyst, Amy Spalding, vanishes without a trace.

When New York Times bestselling author Jack Mallory spots a familiar face in one of the most famous baseball photographs of all time, he believes Amy Spalding just might be stuck in the past–an occurrence he knows all too well.

With help from Kevin Allen and his fiancee, JL O’Grady, VP of Global Security for MacKlenna Corporation, Jack sets out to find the missing baseball analyst—and he might just have to look far in the past to find her. But the deeper they search, the more danger they uncover.

From the highest levels of society to the lowest levels of corruption, Jack and Amy risk everything–including their hearts–to return to where they belong. But in the end will they discover that they belong together?