The Emerald Brooch

The Emerald Brooch Book Cover

Book 4: Celtic Brooch Series


David McBain can do the impossible with one hand tied behind his back, but miracles take him a wee bit longer…

When retired Army Captain Kenzie Wallis-Manning receives a mysterious package containing an emerald brooch, she has no idea how life-altering the Gaelic inscription is until she’s catapulted back in time to England in May of 1944. Her disappearance sends David McBain to the past to find her and bring her back to the future.

The miracle-working David just might have lost his touch when a series of miscalculations lead them into even greater danger, creating havoc and peril for the time travelers. The mission proves even more dangerous when he is pitted against the best interests of his country. Can these two soldiers find their way back to the future before they lose their hearts and more in the most difficult battle of their lives.