The Sapphire Brooch

The Sapphire Brooch

Book 3: Celtic Brooch Series

She has one mission… To save history without losing everything she cherishes most, including her heart.

Civil War reenactor Dr. Charlotte Mallory is suddenly hurled back in time, landing right in the middle of the Battle of Cedar Creek, catapulting her into a series of dangers that threaten her heart–and her life.

After being captured by a Union soldier, Charlotte must do all she can to protect herself–even if it means making a deal with the enemy. Agreeing to rescue a Union spy from Chimborazo Hospital, Charlotte sneaks into Richmond, Virginia, and discovers the spy is at death’s door. To save his life, she takes Major Braham McCabe back to the future to treat him with 21st century medicine.

While recovering from his gunshot wound, the handsome soldier learns that the man he works for, President Lincoln, was killed. Charlotte refuses to return Braham to his time for fear of setting history off course. But he’s not without resources in the 21st century, and finds another way to return to his time to stop the assassination. In doing so, he puts his honor and country first — instead of his heart. Now it’s a race against time as Charlotte risks her heart for a man she cannot risk loving and a future she cannot risk losing.

This saga switches from the past to the present and back again, and carries star-crossed lovers from a prison hospital, to Lincoln’s office in the White House, to the final days of the Confederacy in a story of love, honor, and sacrifice.

What Readers Are Saying

“The attention to detail is incredible”

“It was worth the wait”

“Another wonderful time travel novel”