The Three Brooches

The Three Brooches

Book 6 : Celtic Brooch Series

When Kit MacKlenna returned to her soul mate in the 19th century, Elliott Fraser thought he would never see his beloved goddaughter again.

But when a mysterious message from Kit is discovered in a 135-year-old painting, Elliott must either ignore Kit’s request for help or test the Legend of The Three Brooches. Will the combined magic of the ruby, sapphire, and emerald open a door to the past, and if so, will anyone volunteer for an experimental trip through time?

David McBain volunteers to go, but he and Kenzie are expecting a baby.

Braham McCabe volunteers to go, but he was reportedly killed in 1869.

Kevin Allen volunteers to go, but he’s recovering from a recent gunshot.

Jack Mallory volunteers to go, but he’s in the midst of planning an adventure to 1909 to rescue Amy Spalding.

Elliott Fraser volunteers to go, but everyone tells him it’s too dangerous and he can’t go by himself.


Nine adults and five children recite the magic words and appear on Kit MacKlenna Montgomery’s doorstep at Montgomery Winery in 1881. Within a twelve-hour period, the time travelers will be faced with decisions that could rip the clan apart. Hang on for a fast-paced, time travel historical romance with mystery, suspense, and a bit of paranormal that will keep you on the edge of your seat.